is back to film another sleazy solo session for , and this time it's sexy bottom boy in front of his camera.

As this series of solo sessions with Max Carter continues, it seems the blond jock  gets more and more hands-on with each new scene. And that's no bad thing! It certainly appeals to the voyeur in all of us. This time around Max is getting hands on with Tyler, and after getting the twink cutie on the bed with his pants down and stiff boner out, Max doesn't hate any time wrapping his hand around that dick! We see the hand come into view and grab hold of Tyler's dick, then begin stroking it and teasing the twink. Max then spins Tyler around so we can get a look at his beautiful bubble butt, and then introduces a toy into the mix too.

Max helps out of course, shoving that dildo deep into Tyler's smooth butt hole and fucking the twink with it. We get to see Tyler play with himself as well, fucking his own butt with the toy as he jerks off. Max lends a hand again and masturbates Tyler as the twink stretches his hole open, and they then swap over with Max using the toy on Tyler's butt as the twink wanks his cock until he cums!

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