Models: Ty Thomas,

Studio: Next Door Raw

Themes: Bareback, Jocks, Flip-Flop

Ty is showing off his new house to his buddy Mathias. After the tour, Mathias tells Ty he could have house parties and get laid by anyone he wants. When Ty asks if anyone includes him, Mathias is confused. Ty takes Mathias upstairs and soon understands as Ty undresses him and begins to suck his dick. Ty blows his buddy's stiff cock for a good while before flipping him around and eating out his ass. After the butt-muching, Ty gets naked too and gives his dick to Mathias to suck on in return.

Once Mathias is done blowing Ty, he bends the blond jock over the bed and rams his raw cock into him. Mathias fucks Ty hard from behind for a good while, then they change positions with Ty riding Mathias. After that the boys and Mathias lays back as he gets Ty's bare dick up his butt. Mathias cums all over himself as Ty fucks him, and Ty cum all over Mathias' dick and balls before they share a final kiss.

Best moment: Ty bouncing on Mathias' dick.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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