Master was a stern but fair master. He commanded Colton Andrews, his young slave boy, to undress him in his room. Colton, being a good and obedient boy, did as he was told without hesitation.

Jonah lay down on the bed and Colton knelt beside him and hesitantly began to do as his master asked and sucked his master's cock. The pleasure in Jonah's eyes was evident and it only made Colton try harder.

The intensity of the pleasure was too much for Jonah and he pulled Colton up and laid him on the bed. He then proceeded to ravish Colton, pushing his strong and hardened body into Colton's. Jonah moved with skill and finesse as he pumped his bareback dick into Colton's willing ass. A fire stoked from within their depths as they moved together in a deep and passionate rhythm.

Jonah was relentless in his pursuit, taking Colton to raw heights of pleasure and ecstasy. He drilled Colton hard and fast, not stopping until he was ready to cum. With one final thrust, Jonah released himself inside Colton and filled him completely. Colton cried out in pleasure as Jonah's seed deepened their bond. This was the way of their relationship, a way of pleasure and of pain, and of domination and submission.