Adrian Smallwood works as a masseur and he gives a team of soccer players rubdowns to keep their muscles in good condition. Adrian used to play on the team, but he wasn’t the best player and got cut. Missing the contact with his buddies, he offered his services as the team’s masseur, something he’s a lot better at. The truth is that he really just likes being around nude guys and admiring their bodies. He sometimes makes excuses to bring them fresh towels in the locker room just so he can see them naked.

All of the soccer players know that Adrian gives a lot more than a rubdown, but no ones talks about it too loudly. Why would anyone blab their mouth and ruin a good thing? Sig is on Adrian’s massage table, lying on his belly in his jockstrap. He’s enjoying Adrian working his body, but has no idea this horny masseur is snorting his sweaty soccer shorts and socks. When Sig rolls over and removes his jockstrap, his dick is rock hard. Adrian continues the massage and Sig doesn’t flinch a bit when the masseur grabs his erection, then swallows it in his mouth.

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