Models: Mason Dean, Scott Finn

Studio: Next Door Twink

Themes: Bareback, Creampie/Cum On Ass

Best buddies Mason and Scott take a walk in the hills together and sit down for a break by a tree. As they relax, Scott comes clean about why he invited Mason on the walk with him, and ask if he can kiss him. Mason excitedly replies yes, and the boys spend a good while making-out under the tree. Scott's hand naturally wanders down to Mason's shorts and bulge, so after a good groping they decide to head back to Scott's place where they won't be seen. Indoors, Scott and Mason continue passionately kissing as they slowly undress. Before long, Mason is laid back on the bed with his thick uncut cock out. Scott wastes no time getting his mouth around that dick and eagerly bobs his head up and down it. After a good sucking, Scott feeds his own stiff cock to Mason in return. He strokes Mason's thick member as he gets his own dick blown by his sexy buddy.

Mason then pushes Scott onto his back with his legs in the air and proceeds to slide his raw rod into Scott's willing hole. Once in, he pumps away hard and fast, pounding Scott on his back. The boys then shift positions and Scott mounts Mason to ride his bare boner. After a good bouncing up and down, The boys change again and now Scott takes a hard slamming from behind as he bends over on all fours. Scott jerks off and cums as Mason pounds him, then Mason pulls out and shoots his hot seed over Scott's hole before shoving his dick back inside. After a few more thrusts, the boys lay back on the bed together and continue passionately kissing.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! I love all the kissing in this scene, and Mason giving Scott's hole a creampie is the perfect finish!

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