Hung stud fucks sexy jock in this bareback duo from Next Door Raw.

Mark Long is looking for a room to rent, but the deposit Damien Kyle's asking for is too much. Turns out Damien is happy to accept a different kind of deposit though…. Mark's jizz up his butt! But first Damien pulls down Mark's pants and gets to work sucking his hug cock. He loves having that lengthy boner in his mouth, but what he really wants is it buried deep inside him. Mark is happy to oblige, and lets Damien sit on his raw dick and ride it hard.

Mark then gets to take control as he pounds Damien's hole from behind before flipping him over onto his back. Damien squirts his load over his chest while Mark continues to fuck him. The hung hunk pulls out, telling Damien to onto his stomach and spread his legs wide so Mark can breed his hole. He unleashes his load all over Damien's ass and then slowly slides his swollen head back into Damien, filling him up from behind with more than enough deposit!

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