Models: Marcell Tykes, Luke Wilder

Studio: Spank This

Themes: Spanking, Jocks, Twinks, Interracial

Muscly jock returns home to discover his roommate making out with his best friend on the couch. Luke is angry as hell and throws his best friend out, then confronts Marcell. Luke grabs the black twink and throws him over his knee. The muscly jock begins slapping Marcell's ass through his tight jeans, then pulls the jeans down and spanks the boy's ass through his underwear.

Soon enough, Marcell's ass is completely bare as Luke pulls down the boy's underwear.  It's also bright red as Luke continues spanking the twink's ass cheeks. Luke Comments on how warm Marcell's ass feels as he spanks it over and over. The jock slaps that butt harder and harder, dishing out some harsh punishment until Marcell has learned his lesson.

Best moment: Luke powerfully throwing Marcell over his knee and instantly spanking his ass.

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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