Muscly hunk Delgaty is at the maternity ward with his pregnant wife who is delivering. But when he notices the sexy OB, Alex Mecum,  is wearing nothing but a jock strap under his gown, he finds himself distracted from holding her hand. Noticing the bulge in Malik's pants, Alex grinds on Malik's dick like the horny unprofessional medical professional he is. He then pulls the expectant husband behind the curtain to suck his big throbbing uncut cock.

As the nurse calls him back in, Dr. Alex gets ready to catch and gets behind him. Malik can't control himself and slides his bareback dick into the Dr. to pound him doggystyle while the women are none the wiser. They then take the opportunity to sneak into the next bed where Alex rides Malik's raw fuck-pole, before the top slams Alex missionary. Alex soon cums over himself, then Malik pulls out and jizzes all over Alex's face. A fresh delivery of babies just for the good doctor!

Dick Detective's thoughts: Just when you thought MEN couldn't get any crazier with their plots! 😂 A very funny plot, but it doesn't distract form all the hot action. And is sexy-as-fuck of course.