regales his friends – and – with how hot his new roommate, , is. They don't believe him, but instead of letting them meet him, Sean has them secretly spy on as the hot roommate does pushups in nothing but his little shorts. Thyle and Dex pop boners as they agree that Malik is hot. They then hide in a closet as Sean pulls out his “exercise equipment” – a bouncy ball equipped with a dildo! – and joins Malik in some exercise. Malik stares as Sean sucks the toy and then slides it into his hole, bouncing around in front of the muscular top who now has a big thick boner of his own.

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Dick Detective's thoughts: A really fun and really hot scene! Malik is definitely a sexy guy, and I loved watching him pound Sean's smooth butt. I can't wait to see the action heat up even more in the next part o this scene!