Models: Luke Reed, Hoss Kado

Studio: Next Door Raw

Themes: Bareback, Jocks, Massage

The scene begins with blond jock Luke Reed laid naked on the bed as dark-haired Hoss Kado begins to massage him. Hoss works his oiled hands up and down Luke's back, then slowly works his way lower to Luke's butt. Luke doesn't seem to mind the attention his butt is getting at all, especially as Hoss begins working his finger over Luke's hole. Hoss spreads Luke's legs apart, and begins stroking the jock's hard dick.

Hoss is rock hard in his shorts now, so he pulls out his own boner and begins rubbing it up and down the crack of Luke's butt. The horny masseur then gets to work with his tongue, licking Luke's hole and sticking it inside for a thorough rimming. After some fingering, Luke turns around to face Hoss and the pair passionately kiss before exchanging blowjobs.

Luke slides his bare dick into Hoss and proceeds to pound the jock's ass nice and deep. Hoss then climbs on top of Luke and rides the blond jock for a while before laying back to take a hard pounding. Luke pulls out and nuts over Hoss' taint and hole, then uses his dick to scoop up the cum and fuck it back into the bottom boy, making Hoss cum too.

Dick Detective's score: 5/5

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