I’m a bit conflicted over this new Eurocreme scene with Christopher Daniels and Luke Desmond. I do enjoy watching mature men fucking younger guys, but Luke has such a giant fat cock that I really wanted to see it plunging inside Christopher’s ass. Still, blond and bearded hunk Daniels is a great top, and he especially excels when he screwing a younger lad, so I’m quickly caught up watching him servicing Luke’s hungry ass.

The other hot thing about Daniels is that he’s not one of those do-me tops where he just lies back and expects his bottom to do all the work. And of course with Luke’s 9-inch dick sticking in his face, who wouldn’t want to get a taste? Daniels is a good cocksucker and he swallows Luke’s monster meat right down his throat. While deep sucking the lads boner, Daniels shoves a couple of fingers up his ass and gets him squirming for a good fuck. But Daniels shoves his face between Luke’s tiny butt cheeks and gives him a loud, lip-smacking rimjob with lots of slurping.

Down on all fours with his ass hanging over the bed, Luke takes Christopher’s big dick and the top pounds him pretty hard right from the start. “Fucking like a dick in your ass, don’t you?” Daniels grunts. Then he pushes Luke onto his stomach, warps his arms around him and holds the bottom’s hands and started pumping ass like a wild man. Luke licks and sucks Daniels fingers. The top is really getting off on it saying, “You like tasting your butt on my fingers?” It’s a hot fucking scene and a great way to start off my week!