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When sexy young janitor Toby and gym user Cesar meet up in the locker room, there's an instant attraction between them. The horny jocks passionately kiss right there, and before long Toby is on his knees blowing Cesar's stiff chunky cock. Cesar then returns the favor and sucks Toby's dick before flipping him around and eating out his butt.

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The tattooed stud then rams his dick into Toby's ass and fucks him hard from behind, but he soon wants some anal action of his own too…. The jocks then switch, and Toby slides his dick into Cesar's tight butt and fucks him good and hard from behind. These flip-flop fucking studs can't get enough of each other, so they switch once again and Toby gets laid on his back over the locker room bench and pounded until he's left totally covered in cum!

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