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Jace is hanging out on the couch with blond Brit Hanson after a game of rugby. They’re knackered and chilling out with a beer, and talk of the game turns to one of their humpy team mates who both Jace and Blake wouldn’t mind getting in the sack. “I wouldn’t mind you neither,” Blake says with his thick Cockney accent, then leans in for a kiss. And after a few seconds of snogging, Blake is crawling all over Jace.

It takes quite a while for the guys to strip completely out of the rugby kits. One peels off a shirt and they kiss some more, then the other bares his taut chest and gulps some cock. can’t get enough of his buddy’s stiff dick and gives Jace a long mouth fucking. Finally both guys are naked and Jace goes down on his blond team mate and Jace is definitely the better cocksucker, I really enjoyed watching him deep throating ’s chubby meat. Jace is anxious to feel that dick inside his ass, so he climbs on top and rides it vigorously.

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