They say that you shouldn't meet your heroes, they likely won't live up to the expectations in your head. But that's precisely why Liam Riley started filming with Helix Studios – he had an insane crush on Evan Parker. Can you imagine starting a porn career because you really want to fuck your favourite? And if you were the producer at Helix Studios, how could you refuse Liam's request? Why would you want to? This kind of stuff is hot!

Liam Riley started debuting on Helix at the beginning of February, and he's been showing up every week or so with another one. This is actually number six. I feel bad for Evan Parker. It's got to be hard being thrown into a room with a guy who might explode when his porn crush touches him. It's cute, but those are huge expectations to fill.

But I can't think of a better scenario for a porn guy meeting and fucking his crushing fan than Helix's Real Cam. Putting Liam in bed with Evan and a cam let's us get in close and experience Liam's excitement almost first hand. We get to see the moment when Liam's lips first touch the cock he's been fantasizing about sucking. It's pure bliss.