Liam's Newest Scene

Earlier today in my Q&A with Liam, I asked him what the last scene was he shot for Helix Studios and who it was with. Here is his answer:

“My last shoot was the first week of June; I’ve been pretty busy this last month so I didn’t get to do a lot of recording. It was with newcomer Lukas Grande he’s a pretty awesome guy, I’m excited to see how it turned out.”

Well, that scene has actually now gone live on the Helix site, and this is the scene in question;

Liam Riley & Lukas Grande – A Bright Future

The latest Liam Riley scene sees him paired with newbie Lukas Grande, a cute, smooth blonde twink (with a nice sized, thick dick!). We start the scene in the park, and learn that Liam has been trying his hand (no pun intended! :p) at a bit of palm reading, and wants to see what he can read from Lukas's palm. Liam begins to see romance in Lukas's future, and with someone who's description is very familiar….


We then find both of these beauties on a bed, where the real magic between Liam and Lukas begins to happen!

Their lips touch, and passionate embracing leads to lustful kissing and caressing all over each other's bodies. It's not long before they're both naked, and Lukas's soft lips make their way down to Liam's rock-hard boner. Liam soon gives the same back to Lukas, with his mouth expertly sliding up and down that thick pole.


Lukas then turns his attention to Liam's peachy ass, and gives it some hot tongue preperation before guiding his thick cock into the willing hole. It's so hot watching that big dick sliding between Liam's soft cheeks, and the size of it just makes Liam's already tiny hole look even smaller! (If that's even possible!)


I won't spoil the ending for you, you'll just have to see it for yourself…… Or hire Liam to read the future and see it for you! 😉

  • Dylan

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