Liam Riley's Favourite Scene –  “Sex en Rouge”


In my Q&A with Liam Riley earlier, one of the questions I asked was about Liam's favourite ever scene he'd filmed with . The scene in question turned out to be “Sex en Rouge”, in which Liam pairs up with for a very intense, very HOT video unlike any you've seen before.


“Sex en Rouge” is an erotic and seductive video, which pays homage to European cabaret sex shows. The curtains part, the lights come on, and a bed is lowered by ropes from the ceiling to the floor. The room is lit red when Liam walks in.

Those initial moments where Andy Taylor and Liam Riley enter the room and mount the bed are very sexily choreographed. They’re coming together, movements, touching, kissing, and licking all highly stylized – intensely hot, passionate, and sizzling to watch.


The thing that I especially loved about this film was that the boys acknowledge the camera from time to time. In one instance, Andy is lying on the bed and Liam crawls on top of him and slowly, seductively licks his neck whilst Andy turns to the camera and gives us a dirty look. His eyes say it all: “You know this feels good, you know you wish you were here, but you’re not and he’s all mine. But I’ll let you watch.” 

And after putting on a teasing and exotic show, these beautiful boys get down to some insanely hot sucking and fucking. “Sex en Rouge” is a perfect showcase for Liam Riley.  This is a must see!

– Dylan

Watch “Sex en Rouge” here >>>>>


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