returns home and is intrigued to find a trail of clothes leading up the stairs and into his bedroom. H picks up the clothes as he goes along, ending with a pair of boxer shorts that he brings up to his face to sniff. Opening his bedroom door, Leon is greeted by the sight of his stepbrother, Levi Hatter, naked and blindfolded on the bed with his ass up.

Leon doesn't hesitate to play with his gift, and pulls out his dick to shove into his blindfolded stepbrother's mouth. Levi obediently sucks and slurps on that dick until Leon bends him over the bed and penetrates him from behind. The twink moans in pleasure as he feels his stepbrother's bareback cock pumping away inside of his ass. Leon continues to slam Levi's hole deep and faster until he finally pulls out and creampies the boy's hole, then shoves his dick back inside for a few cum-coated thrusts.