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Hunky cop Bruce Beckham catches blond cutie Leo smoking where he shouldn't be, so he takes him off somewhere private to teach him a lesson. As he pulls his massive dick out of his pants, Bruce informs Leo that this is the only thing he should be smoking, and feeds every inch of it to the submissive blond boy. Leo sucks, slurps, and swallows as much of that fat cock as he can muster, but soon his own stiff boner is throbbing for attention too. Bruce can't resist and blows that twink dick in return, but he's soon ready to dominate again and spins Leo around to eat out his smooth and sexy ass.

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Bruce then squeezes the head of his chunky knob through Leo's super tight sphincter, and once his dick is buried deep inside that hole he then pumps away at it hard and fast. Leo moans as bruce pounds his ass in several positions, stretching his twink hole open and filling him full of throbbing daddy dick. Bruce then finally gives Leo a face-fucking until he's ready to blow his load down the blond boy's throat……. That'll teach the little shit a hard lesson for sure!

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