Models: Jonathan F Maze, Legrand Wolf

Studio: Gaycest

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Creampie/Cum In Ass

Horny dad and son pair Legrand and Jonathan have got themselves a cosy cabin in the woods to spend some quality time together. At the breakfast table, Legrand can't help stroking his son's hard cock through his shorts as the boy sits on his lap. He then stands the boy up so he can have a good grope of the twink's smooth butt cheeks and hard dick as he takes the shorts off. After a good groping, Legrand lets Jonathan have turn. Jonathan pulls out his dad's big dick and strokes it, measuring up the massive member against his own.

The twink then lays back and offers up his ass to his hung dad who eagerly slides his big bare cock into it. That big daddy dick squeezes through the tight hole and very deep into Jonathan who moans in sheer pleasure. Legrand pumps away and pound his son on the table-top, drilling him first on his back and then on his side. That tight hole soon becomes too much for Legrand who pulls out and creampies Jonathan;'s ass before sliding back into the boy's hole with his cum-soaked cock.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. Jonathan looks hot with that huge raw cock sliding deep into his tight hole.

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