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Blond beauty Lars has been teased on both BelAmi and since his debut, and we're getting ever closer to finally seeing his duo scene with Kevin Warhol as it's released next week. I for one can't wait to see Kevin slide his big bareback dick into Lars and pound the blond boy's tight little ass good and hard! (and don't be fooled by seeing Lars teasing his dick into Kevin's hole in this photo session – Lars is most definitely the bottom boy in their duo next week!)

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In the meantime while we wait for that, we can enjoy this photo session of the boys together. In the video we see them posing together teasingly and seductively, and there's lots of passionate kissing and cock sucking in between. We also see the boys jerk their big uncut cocks and blow some hot loads together too. They really make a great pair, and this photo session video will definitely have your dick dripping in anticipation of their duo next week!

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