Models: Lance Weber, Kaleb Stryker

Studio: Men

Themes: Jocks, Condom

When Lance and Kaleb both say something at the same time, Lance yells “Jinx!” which means Kaleb has to do everything he says from now on. Lance abuses his power, leading to the both of them jerking off to some gay porn on the tv. Lance further instructs Kaleb to go down on his dick, and Kaleb obediently wraps his lips around the stud's hard cock. As Kaleb sucks and swallows that dick, Lance reaches over and fingers Kaleb's tight butt-hole.

This soon leads to Lance bending Kaleb over and sliding his dick deep into the sexy jock. Lance pounds Kaleb's ass hard from behind then sits back on the couch and has Kaleb ride his dick balls deep. He lays Kaleb on his back over the desk and pounds him some more before flipping him upside down in a pile-drive position that soon sees Kaleb coated in cum.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! A fun plot and I particularly loved the pile-drive position.

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