Models: Lance Weber, Johnny Rapid

Studio: Men

Themes: Jocks, Condom

Johnny Rapid wakes up with a gaping hole in his boxer briefs and a vague memory of being pounded by a guy. The trouble is, he can't remember who. Johnny walks around the house trying to figure out which guy it was who drilled him, but with no success. It's only when he spots Lance Weber jerking off and gets a good look at the stud's hard curved cock that it all comes flooding back to him. Johnny immediately offers up his ass to Lance and asks if he's up for round two!

Lance eagerly eats out Johnny's butt before Johnny turns around to wrap his lips around Lance's dick. After a good sucking, Lance then rams his dick deep inside to give Johnny's hole another good pounding. He bangs Johnny from behind, flips him over and pounds him on his back, then lays back to let Johnny mount him and ride his dick balls deep. Before long the horny pair blow their loads, but Johnny still can't remember what they did the night before.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! Lance is a fantastic top and I loved watching him pound Johnny's ass.

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