Models: Lance Ford, Princeton Price

Studio: Next Door Raw

Themes: Bareback, Jocks, Tattoos

Sexy tattooed jock Lance Ford has locked himself out of his car again. Luckily for him though, Princeton Price happens by and offers to help him out. Lance follows Princeton up to his apartment to get a tool to help, but once inside the only tool Lance is interested in is Princeton's stiff dick! Lance hungrily sucks and swallows Princeton's cock, slurping on every inch of it. he gets his own boner blown in return before Princeton then eats out the inked jock's ass.

We then see Lance mount Princeton and impale himself on the stud's raw cock. After bouncing up and down that dick, Lance gets laid on his back for a harder pounding from Princeton. Later, Princeton pulls out and squirts his seed all over Lance's well-fucked hole. He uses his dick to fuck that cream pie back into Lance's ass until Lance then blows all over himself, leaving him a very sticky mess!

Best moment: Princeton giving Lance a cream pie.

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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