Sexy jock Kyler Ash and tattooed twink Timothy Drake flip-fuck in this duo from Icon Male.

Kyler and Timothy are chatting on the bed as Kyler drops his growing bulge. His horny urges are soon too much, and the jock goes in for a kiss with Timothy. After some passionate making out, their clothes come off and Timothy goes down on Kyler's dick. He lovingly sucks all of the jock's big throbbing boner before they get into a 69 position. After some mutual blows, Timothy then eats out Kyler's sexy ass. But it's Timothy's ass that gets filled first as Kyler slides his cock into the twink. He fucks the inked twins hard from behind, pumping him full of dick.

The boys then flip, and now Timothy gets to top. Kyler lays on his back and Timothy squeezes his dick into the jock's tight hole. He fucks Kyler hard and strokes the jock's big dick as he drills him. The ass-pounding ends with the boys shooting their loads all over each other's willing faces. A great end to a great flip-flopping duo.

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