Muscly hunk and hung jock get it on in this sizzling duo from Hot House.

In “One Night At The Ready”, Kurtis and Michael meet up at a bar called ‘The Ready'. Michael heads off to the bathroom, and Kurtis then follows shortly after. Soon they both have their hard dicks out, beating off their boners in front of each other. Kurtis then drops to his knees and sucks off Michael before offering up his own throbbing cock. Michael sucks and swallows all of Kurtis' dick, then sits back on the chair with his legs in the air.

Kurtis dives in and rims Michael's tight thole, then plunges his cock right inside. The muscly hunk fucks Michael hard on the chair, then pounds his ass even harder against the bathroom wall. It's a sizzling fuck that ends with the studs dumping their loads over each other's open mouths!

Watch the full video here at Hot House