& – Picture Perfect

Kody Knight and Luke Allen make for a very adorable pairing, both with their cute, boyish looks, cheeky smiles and smooth, sexy bodies. You could almost say they are both, as the title of the scene says, picture perfect!

But the scene title actually refers to the opening where we fins Kody using his camera to take some snaps of Luke. Firstly a few clothed shots, and then gradually the clothes come off until Luke is down to his very skimpy little underwear. Once they both move to the bed, Kody goes for some closer shots, but he just can't resist taking a more hands-on approach to photography as his hands slide over and caress Luke's naked body and peachy ass! (Not that Luke is helping matters, by obviously teasing as he wriggles and grinds his ass on the bed seductively!)

It's not long until those skimpy briefs come off, and now Kody seriously can't keep his hands off that ass! (Who couldn't though really?!) Soon the camera is on the floor, and these hot twinks take turns wrapping their lips around each others hard dicks. Kody then bends Luke over the bed, and slides his big dick into the tight, peachy ass he's been after the whole shoot. Luke loves having every inch of Kody deep inside his ass, and after a change in position it's not long until Luke is covered in hot sticky cum. And that is definitely worth a picture! 😉

  • Dylan

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