Models: Kirk Gauguin,

Studio: Freshmen

Themes: Bareback, European, Creampie/Cum On Ass

John Lennox has made a lunch date with and is excited to be going out for ice-cream. But as he goes to get Kirk, he finds the boy naked and jerking off on the bed. Clearly John isn't going to get Kirk to move before he cums, so he to help speed things up by sucking Kirk's hard uncut cock. Soon both boys are naked and Kirk blows John's boner in return before laying him flat and rimming his pretty pink hole.

We then see Kirk squeeze his bare bone into John's hole and pound it deep and hard. The boys go at it in a few positions, and as Kirk pounds John's hole, John jerks off and shoots his load over himself. A moment later Kirk pulls out and creampies John's hole, then the boys share a final passionate kiss to finish.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! Both boy are beautiful and we get lots of smoking-hot close-ups of the action throughout the scene.

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