Models: Kendrick Thomas, James Keresford

Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Creampie/Cum In Ass

Kendrick is sent to visit his uncle James at his woodland cottage to help out with some chores. James takes the boy to a nearby river to clear up some stones from it, and the horny older man eagerly watches on as his young nephew bends over in the water. Later, they head back to the cottage to take a shower. James tells Kendrick to join him to save hot water, but kendrick suddenly goes shy and won't join him. A second later it becomes clear why: the boy has a big boner in his underwear and thinks his uncle will be mad.

Uncle James shows Kendrick just how OK he is with it by dropping to his knees and taking the boy's hard uncut cock in his mouth. The horny pair move into the lounge and Kendrick now gets to suck on his uncle's big throbbing boner. After a good slurp on that lengthy uncut dick, Kendrick bends over on the couch so he can get it up his cock-hungry ass. First, James eats out the boy's butt to lubricate it, then he rams his raw rod inside and pounds that hole deep and hard. Kendrick moans and pants loudly as he feels his uncle's big boner ramming his tight hole.

They go at it in a few positions, ending with Kendrick in a pile-driver on his back. James pounds the boy's hole until he's ready to blow, then pull out and blasts a massive hot creampies all over it. We then see kendrick jerk off and shoot his load over himself. Uncle James licks up the boy's cum, then shares a final sloppy kiss with the boy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A very hot daddy/son duo, and I love the huge creampies at the end!

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