Models: Kane Fox, Jacob Hansen

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Creampie/Cum In Ass

makes his gay porn debut in this duo scene with Helix regular Jacob Hansen. After a casual chat together, we find Jacob and Kane in the bedroom passionately kissing. Their t-shirts come off and Kane kisses up and down Jacob's smooth body wheel Jacob rubs his hands over the hard bulge in Kane's jeans. The boys both pulls their jeans down, revealing their hard boners in their tight underwear. The bulges rub together as the boys continue to kiss, and after Jacob frees his dick, Kane quickly drops to his knees to blow it. Jacob gives Kane a face-fucking before he then returns the blowjob and sucks Kane's throbbing cock. “Do you wanna rim me?” ask Jacob, and Kane eagerly replies yes as Jacob bends over on the bed and up his smooth ass.

Kane dives in with his tongue and licks the smooth pink hole for a good while, getting it nice and wet. We then see Jacob sit on Kane's bare boner and ride it balls deep. Kane slams Jacob's hole hard and fast, pounding it over and over from below. Kane pummels Jacob on his side for the next position, and then gets the boy on his back to slam him even harder as he faces him. Jacob jerks off and shoots a big load of cum over himself, then we see Kane pull out and fire off a huge load of thick white jizz over Jacob's hole. Kane pushes his dick back into Jacob's hole, pushing some of his cum inside as he pumps it in and out. The boys then share a final kiss to finish the scene.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. Kane is hot, and I love the chemistry between these two. Plus it's a great creampie from Kane too!

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