Models: Kane Fox, Garrett Kinsley

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Sportswear, Creampie/Cum On Ass

Sexy jock Kane is on the school wrestling team, but when he strolls in to practice late, the coach is angry and yells at him. Cute coaches assistant Garrett helps Kane out of the tight spot, and after some practice, Kane agree to hook up with Garrett. Later, we see the boys in the dorm room, stripped down to their underwear and passionately making out. Garrett gets down on his knees and begins sucking and swallowing Kane's big veiny boner.

After a good sucking, Garrett bends over on the bed and up his ass. Kane rams his tongue into that smooth hole and gives it a thorough eating out before sliding his big bare boner all the way inside. The horny jock pumps away hard and fast, slamming Garrett from behind which really makes the bottom boy moan.

It's a relentless pounding that goes on for a good while before Kane pull out and takes a pause to suck Garrett's throbbing boner. Kane keeps on sucking until Garrett can't hold back any longer and blows his load into Kane's mouth. We then see Kane slide his dick back inside Garrett and pumps away until he's ready to go too. The jock creampies Garrett's hole, then slides back inside before leaning in to kiss the boy once more.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A very hot scene, and I really loved watching Kane lick Garrett's hole. Garrett looks hot being pounded in his jockstrap too.

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