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Kaden Alexander Fucks Jaden Bentley

Jaden Bentley is a cute Venezuelan guy. Back at the beginning of April he did a jack-off video for Broke Straight Boys, then a couple of weeks later, he exchanged blowjobs. And this was his first time sucking cock.

A couple of weeks later, Jaden fucked a guy, and by the middle of May bottomed in his first flip-flop scene. (I think a lot of these guys find it easier flip flopping for their first time.) Then BSB lined up Jaden in his first full-on bottom scene and he was nervous because Kaden Alexander was topping him. Jaden says that he's heard so much about how hung black guys are, so he's afraid of what's waiting for him inside Kaden's pants!

The funny thing is that Kaden isn't any more hung that Jaden, they both have 8-inch cocks, but I guess that's no consolation to Jaden when it's his ass getting fucked – 8 inches might as well be a foot.

Now onto the scene:

After stuffing Jaden's throat with his 8-incher for a while, Kaden lubes up and doesn't really given Jaden's ass a lot of time to adjust before he's pumping away.

The guys change up positions a few times, but it doesn't get much easier for Jaden. Still, he was able to shoot his load with Kaden's dick in his ass. Then Kaden shoots all over Jaden and scoops up some of the jizz to feed to him. Naaasty! :p

(And in the post-sex interview, Jaden said that his ass hurt, but it wasn't as horrible as he thought it would be. Well duhhhh…… ‘cos as we all know, back-door buggery is the BEST!)

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Watch Kaden bare fuck Jaden here >>>>>