Models: Justin Matthews, Blaze Austin

Studio: Men

Themes: Jocks, Muscle, Hairy, Condom

Blaze Austin decides to play a prank of his boyfriend Justin Matthews: While Justin is out, Blaze uses a doll to pretend he's cheating. Justin gets home and spots the clues, then furiously storms into the bedroom. After pulling off the sheets Justin sees it's all been a prank – so he decides to take out his frustration on Blaze's ass!

After taking turns sucking on one another's dicks, it's time for the anal payback. Justin pounds Blaze's hole deep, hard, and rough in several positions. He slams his dick into Blaze form all angles as he fucks him all over the bed until finally pulling out to drench his prankster boyfriend in jizz!

Best moment: Justin power-fucking from below as Blaze rides him.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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