I was looking forward to watching this new video from Lollipop Twinks. is a cute 19-year-old bottom boy who loves getting his sweet little ass pumped. And is cute and sexy; he’s versatile, but he’s topping JR in this scene. And when the video opens these boys are crawling all over each other and passionately kissing. The cock sucking is slow and erotic, too, this has all the makings of a hot fuck.

lpt157_billylondon_jradams_17But not every scene is a winner in every way. Don’t get me wrong, I got quite turned on watching Billy drilling JR’s ass with the boy’s feet up on his shoulders, but there are a couple of downers in this one. First, if you’re going to completely shave off your pubes, you might want to do it a couple of days before your video shoot so the razor burn has some time to calm down. I didn’t enjoy watching Billy sucking JR’s dick at all, I couldn’t stop staring at all the red bumps on JR’s freshly sheared pubes.

Second, Adams is lying back on the bed and Billy is fucking his ass. There are some great moments when Adams looks at Billy and you can tell that he’s enjoying this ass fucking. But Adams also spends a great deal of this session with his head turned away from the camera, so I can’t tell whether he’s really enjoying this or whether he’s thinking about a new colour scheme for the window drapery. (And why didn’t the videographer step in and say, “Can you look at the camera, baby?”) JR does redeem himself when Billy kneels beside him and blasts his load of boy cum all over the bottom’s face.