Models: Josh Brady, Trevor Harris

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Flip-Flop, Creampie/Cum In Ass

At the campsite, Trevor wakes up and discovers his boyfriend Levi isn't there. He asks on of the jocks at the campsite, Josh, if he knows where Levi is. Trevor is annoyed to hear that Levi went on a “hike” with sexy jock Kane (see here), and after a little grump he decides to get some action himself. Trevor lunges in for a kiss with Josh, and the pair then head into the tent for some privacy. After more kissing, Josh frees Trevor's hard cock and goes down on the horny twink. Trevor then frees Josh' big boner and eagerly blows him in return. After the oral, Josh bends the skinny twink over and eats his ass before ramming his thick raw rod deep inside of it.

Josh pounds Trevor from behind, then the boys switch and Trevor slides his bare boner into Josh's butt. The twink gives Josh a deep drilling doggy-style before they once again. Now Trevor is on his back with Josh facing him as he slams the boy's hole. Trevor nuts over himself, then Josh begins shooting his load in Trevor's hole before quickly pulling out to shoot the last few drops of his jizz. The jock stick his dick back into Trevor's hole, then leans in to share a final kiss with him. A short while later, as the pair lay cuddling, Levi and Kane arrive back form their hike and catch Josh and Trevor together!

Dick Detective's verdict: A great -flop, and a very hot creampie/breeding from Josh.

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