Models: Josh Brady, Seth Peterson

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Outdoor, Breeding/Cum In Ass

A bunch of the Helix models are camping out in the woods, and soon we see Josh invite Seth to help him go find some firewood. It's clearly a code for getting it on, and Seth eagerly follows Josh to a spot away from camp where nobody can see them. As they kiss, the boys begin removing their clothes, and Seth then gets down on his knees to suck Josh's big chunky boner. He expertly sucks and swallows that thick throbbing shaft, devouring every inch of it. Seth then leans against a nearby tree, offering his ass up to his hung buddy. Josh gets behind Seth and squeezes his big bare boner deep into Seth's willing hole. He pounds Seth from behind, making the bottom boy moan and groan. Not that anyone can hear them out in the wild!

They then move to the ground and Josh continues to slam Seth's ass form behind, pumping every inch of his chunky dick in and out of the boy. Seth jerks off and shoots his load all over the ground. Josh is ready to cum a second later and unloads inside of Seth, breeding him. He pulls out to squirt his final few drops of jizz over Seth's hole, and a hot close up shows us some of Josh's cum oozing out of Seth's ass. The boys share a final passionate kiss, then quickly get dressed to go and join the rest of the gang.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! Some hot outdoor action and an excellent breeding/creampie at the end too!

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