Johnny Rapid tops Damien Kyle in the latest update from MEN.

In “Hands On Learning”, Damien Kyle is hard at work studying. He's supposed to be learning the muscles of the human body, but keeps forgetting things. Johnny Rapid decides to help him out by stripping down to his underwear and showing Damien the muscles in person. As Damien feels up Johnny's leg, he suddenly spots the jock has a raging boner. Damien pulls it out and asks Johnny what that muscle is called?

Soon enough, Damien has Johnny's boner between his lips. He sucks and swallows all of that dick – for learning purposes of course. Damien's own dick is throbbing now too, so Johnny blows him in return before bending the jock over the couch.

Johnny then shows Damien what else that muscle can do. He rams his dick into Damien's tight butt hole and fucks him deep. Damien moans out loud as Johnny plows his ass in several positions, fucking him all over the room. After all the ass-pounding, Johnny then pulls out and shoots his load over Damien's face. That's one lesson he certainly won't forget!

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