Photographer needs some pictures for his portfolio, and is more than happy to help out – especially when things really start to heat up for the horny pair!

As photographer Sam snaps some pics of Johnny in the shower, he can't help but notice the growing bulge in the young jock's shorts. it doesn't help that the shorts are white, and as they get wetter and wetter the more see through they become. Soon Johnny's rock hard boner is more than visible through the shorts, and Sam can't keep his eyes or camera lens off it! He then asks Johnny to turn around and pull the shorts down to expose his butt, and that does it for Sam. He can't resist any longer and dives right in, burying his face into Johnny's irresistible ass. After eating out that wet butt, he spins Johnny around and then gets to work on his dick, sucking and slurping on every inch of it.

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Sam's own massive dick is now rock hard and in need of attention too, and Johnny is more than happy to oblige and blow that big boner in return. The young jock then up his ass to Sam who swiftly rams his huge dick inside and fucks that cock-hungry hole good and hard. They then move out of the shower and over to the sofa where Sam sits back and lets Johnny do all the work as he rides that lengthy shaft balls deep. Johnny wants a piece of that action too though, so after his butt-fucking they -flop and Johnny shoves his dick into Sam's tight ass to fuck the hung jock in return.

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