Models: Johnny Rapid, Ken

Studio: Men

Themes: Jocks, Massage

Blond beauty Ken lays naked on the bed with a towel covering his ass, awaiting his massage. Johnny arrives wearing only a robe, and mounts the young blond stud to begin the massage. But soon enough it's not just Ken's body Johnny is massaging, as he takes all of the jock's hard cock in his mouth. Johnny's dick is rock hard and in need of attention too, and Ken is more than willing to blow him in return.

Johnny then gives Ken the ultimate deep massage – by shoving his dick inside the young stud's tight ass. He fucks Ken from behind, making the blond stud moan out loud as he's filled with Johnny's dick. We then see Johnny pound Ken in the missionary position, and it's not long before the blond stud is left covered in pools of hot cum.

Best moment: Ken's moaning as Johnny fucks him.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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