Models: Johnny Hands, Seth Peterson

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Creampie/Cum In Ass

The scene begins with and already making-out in the bedroom. The boys get their hands all over each other as they passionately kiss, and their clothes soon begin to come off, revealing Johnny's big hard peen. Seth gets down onto his knees and takes that chunky cock in his mouth, eagerly sucking on as much of it as he can fit in. After blowing Johnny's lengthy boner, Seth lays back on the bed and lets Johnny blow him in return. Johnny slurps and swallows the twink's dick before moving lower and getting his tongue around Seth's smooth pink hole. He hungrily laps at that hole and buries his tongue in deep, giving it a good eating out in preparation for his thick dick. It's not long before wee see that big bare bone of Johnny's sliding deep into Seth's willing hole.

Johnny pounds the boy on his back, slamming him with every inch of his fat cock. The boys then change position and Seth goes for a balls deep ride on johnny's glistening wet dick. We get a fantastic close-up view of the chunky shaft pumping in and out of Seth's butt as Seth moans in delight. The horny pair change to a standing position over the side of the bed, and Seth jerks off as his hole gets slammed from behind. He soon shoots his load over the sheets as we get a great close-up view from below. Johnny pulls out and blasts a nice thick white load onto Seth's hole before pushing the cum inside with his dick. After a couple of thrusts, Johnny pulls out again and the boys share a final kiss to finish.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A great scene with lots of fantastic close-ups of Johnny's dick in Seth's hole. The creampie is very hot too.

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