Models: Johnny Rapid, JJ Knight

Studio: Men

Themes: Hunks, Jocks, Big Dicks, Condom

Hung stud JJ Knight receives an unexpected package, and upon opening it he discovers a miniature figurine of Johnny Rapid. Suddenly, the figurine begins talking to JJ, and then mysteriously turns naked. JJ places the figurine on the coffee table, and moments later it transforms into a life-size real version of Johnny.

JJ is shocked, but soon relaxes as the life-size Johnny starts sucking on his monster cock. Johnny devours that big dick, then jumps onto it and rides it balls deep. JJ takes control and throws Johnny onto the bed, then pounds the jock harder and harder. He makes Johnny cum all over himself before squirting his won seed over the jock. A moment later, Johnny has transformed back into a figurine again, but this time coated in cum!

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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