Joey Mills Gets A Spanking

Models: Joey Mills, Ashton Summers

Studio: Spank This

Themes: Spanking, Twinks, Fetish

Cute twink Joey Mills is up to no good; Smoking in his bedroom while his housemate is out. But when Ashton Summers returns sooner than expected, he immediately smells the smoke. Ashton decides to punish Joey for his bad habit by bending him over backwards and spanking his ass through his tight jeans. Joey moans out in pain, but Ashton carries on. The spanking continues as Ashton removes Joey's jeans, exposing his bare butt. The twink's ass cheeks get redder and redder as Ashton's hand connects with them over and over. Joey is bent over Ashton's knee like a little bitch, taking his punishment from sexy young jock Ashton who loves giving it just a little too much!

Best moment: Ashton making Joey count as he spanks him. 

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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