Jim and Elio are enjoying the sights of Budapest when Kirk arrives in the city the join them. But rather than take a trip around the city together, the three boys are far more eager to head to the apartment and get it on! After some hot threeway kissing, Elio is stripped naked and we see Kirk and Jim both suck and lick the twink's hard uncut cock at the same time. Jim and Kirk get naked too, and Elio takes turns sucking their throbbing cock before Jim slides his raw dick up Elio's sexy little ass.

Elio blows Kirk's boner as he takes a pounding from behind, then he sits on Kirk's bare boner for a nice deep ride as Jim sucks Elio's dick at the same time. Kirk and Jim continue to take turns on Elio, tag-teaming his hole until they're all ready to cum. All three loads coat Elio, leaving the twink drenched in jizz before they all head upstairs to clean up.

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