Models: Jesse Zeppelin

Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son

When cute twink Ryland sees his favourite uncle, Jesse, walk into his bedroom, he excitedly stands up to greet him with a hug. Uncle Jesse sits down next to Ryland and asks for a kiss on the cheek, but it swiftly turns into passionate lip-on-lip making-out. Ryland asks if they're going to have sex again, and Jesse says yes, but he wants to try something new first. He gets the boy to strip naked and bend over, then he begins spanking Ryland's ass with his belt. Jesse binds Ryland's wrists with the belt, then gets naked and puts his nephew on his knees in front of him.

Ryland doesn't hesitate to suck his uncle's dick, and after the oral, the twink gets bent over on the bed so uncle Jesse can eat out his ass. After a good rimming, Jesse slides his bare boner into his nephew's willing hole and pounds the boy deep and hard. Ryland rides his uncle's dick, then bends over to take a doggy style pounding. Finally, uncle Jesse shoves his dick into Ryland's mouth and shoots his load, filling his nephew's mouth with his seed.

Dick Detective's verdict: A nice uncle and nephew pairing, and I particularly enjoyed the ass-eating section.

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