Models: Jesse Avalon, Dakota Lovell, Dante Drackis

Studio: Missionary Boys

Themes: Bareback, Threesome, Breeding/Cum In Ass

When young jock Jesse comes to visit Mormon pair Dakota and Dante, he thinks all is well. But Dakota and Dante have a plan up their sleeves, and they trick the jock into getting down on his knees so they can push him down and tie his hands behind his back. They lift Jesse up onto the sofa, then cute boy Dakota pulls his hard teen cock out of his pants. Dakota shoves his cock into Jesse's mouth, and Dante pushes Jesse's head down onto that dick. Dante then gets behind Jesse, pulls down his jeans, and proceeds to eat out his ass while Dakota continues to face-fuck the jock. Before long, Jesse is getting spit-coated as he gets Dante's raw rod shoved into his tight hole.

Dakota and Dante pound both of Jesse's holes, then they swap over and Dakota gets to pump his bare boner in and out of Jesse's ass. Jesse is now fully naked and fully hard, so they let him sit on their dicks in turn and ride them balls deep. We then see Dante pound Jesse sideways until he cums inside of him. Dakota takes over and drills Jesse's cum-filled hole as Jesse jerks off and shoots his load over himself. Cute twink Dakota then gives Jesse his second breeding as he unloads inside of his ass. He pulls out and fingers some of the leaking cum back inside before letting Jesse go free.

Dick Detective's verdict: Some nice tag-teaming action here, and I really liked watching Jesse get his dick sucked by Dakota as he bounced on Dante's raw dick.

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