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In “Love Drunk”, wakes up from a night out with a severe case of hangover horn! He promptly wakes up sleeping boyfriend Jay by sucking on his big raging boner, and Jay gives Gabriel's tight butt hole a good fingering as he does so. More than ready for some dick inside him, Gabriel then slides his ass down onto Jay's cock and rides it balls deep. Jay then flips Gabriel over into a doggy style position and pounds him hard from behind, giving him exactly what he needed.

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But it turns out Gabriel wants more than just a butt-fucking from his bf: He wants to fuck too! So they flip and Gabriel gets his dick sucked by Jay before sliding it into the stud's ass and hammering every inch into him. He soon fucks a huge load of cum out of Jay before squirting out his own hot jizz all over the stud, then collapses onto the bed having totally satisfied his hangover horn urges……

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