Models: Jay Tee,

Studio: Brother Crush

Themes: Bareback, Brothers, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Jay catches his little brother Caleb stealing his ID to get into a club, and Caleb quickly begs Jay not to tell their dad. Caleb says he'll do anything, leading to Jay commanding Caleb to get on his knees and suck his dick. The little blond twink does as he's told and pulls out Jay's dick to suck on it. After he's blown that boner for a while, Caleb is told to turn around.

Jay slides his bare dick into his brother's ass and proceeds to drill him hard from behind. After a good pounding, he flips the blond boy over and drills him on his back. We then see Caleb mount Jay and ride his raw cock for a while before laying on his back again. Jay continues to pound his brother until he nuts deep inside him, breeding the boy's tight hole. He then jerks Caleb off, and the cute boy gets his dick stroked until it spurts all over him.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! Caleb is a cutie and looks good as sexy Jay pounds his hole.

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