Ah, it’s the old-sprained-ankle manoeuvre in this outdoor threeway scene from Staxus. Kamyk Walker, Jaxon Radoc, and Jake Zhang are jogging through the countryside when Kamyk twists his angle. The boys help him to a clearing where he sits down so they can check out his injury. Then with Jake rubbing his leg, Jaxon just dives into a kiss. Curiously, Jake and Jaxon continue rubbing Kamyk’s thigh – guys, he hurt his ankle, not his thigh. Oh well, it’s gay porn, right?

After lots more rubbing and kissing, Jaxon stands up and pulls out his big cock, which Kamyk slides down his throat, you know, to make him forget about his injured ankle. Then Jake hops up and stands on the other side, now Kamyk has two nice dicks to suck. And after everybody has a turn stuffing two dicks in their mouth, Jaxon gets down on all fours.

Before you read on, want to read an article about Jaxon Radoc's foreskin restoration? Check out my buddies article on it here. It is worth a read. I didn't even know it was possible!

terrific-outdoor-threesome-10While Jake fucks the blond’s throat, Kamyk squats behind Jaxon and shoves his stiff cock inside. And miraculously Kamyk’s angle injury has recovered as fuck stands and continues squat fucking Jaxon’s ass quite vigorously. Jake gives Jaxon a rest and lies back and gets his ass and throat fucked by his two buddies, then Kamyk climbs onto Jake and rides his hard-on and blows Jaxon. Threesomes with versatile guys are so much fun because there are so many different possibilities, and these horny boys explore them all with the sun blazing down on them.

For the finale, Kamyk lies back and offers his mouth as the bulls eye for his buddies’ cum loads. Jaxon shoots first and has impeccable aim and gets all but a couple of drops inside Kamyk’s mouth. Jake’s aim is terrible, but it’s not really his fault; his dick shoots so wildly and with such volume that his jizz flies everywhere – one blast sails right across the cocksucker’s body and hits Jaxon on the other side — but Kamyk still manages to get quite a bit of Jake’s spunk in his mouth. And after Kamyk coats his smooth body with his own wad he says, “I think my leg is getting better now.” You think? There was never any doubt.