It’s been a little while since I posted one of my favourties here at Dylan’s Daily Dose; I’ve been going through Jasper Robinson withdrawal, so I’m pretty happy to see Jasper show up on Boy Crush. The school bully, Kyler Ash, corners Jasper outside the school; he’s horny and he wants someone to take care of his dick. Jasper’s not really in the mood, but Kyler grabs him by the shirt and drags him towards an empty classroom; he intends to get this boy in the mood in a hurry.

Kyler plants a long kiss on Jasper, then he pushes the student to his knees and rams Jasper’s head on his dick. When Jasper isn’t sucking well enough, Kyler holds his head steady and throat fucks him. Jasper reaches up with his hand to try and calm Kyler’s thrusting, but Kyler is going to get his dick deep throated one way or another.

Kyler bends Jasper over the desk and rams his hard-on into the boy’s ass. After a couple of minutes of deep thrusting, Jasper seems to be liking this forceful screwing. Kyler tells Jasper to lie back on the desk, he puts the boy’s feet on his shoulders, and shoves his dick back in. He drills Japser until the cute bottom spews his milky load all over himself, then Kyler unloads his very full nuts across Jasper’s cum-soaked belly.