It seems that other than hard and rough bareback fucking, these two straight guys don't mind having a passionate kissing session and sucking session too!


I'm not sure if when you are deciding who should suck first that there is someone who loses, but Damien Kyle ‘loses' and gets his face into Jason Matthews's crotch without many complaints!

Jason stops and leans in for a kiss and they swap tonges for a while (bless!). Damien knows the drill and gets on all fours for his hole to be loosened up by an eager tongue before Jason spreads his cheeks and goes deep inside him slow to start witt but before that hungry ass is taking it faster harder and deeper, balls deep!

After swapping positions a few times, Jason pulls out and squirts all over Damien's chest and abs. He leans in for another passionate kiss and Damien cums on his abs too. Get this scene and hundreds more for a special $1 membership to!