Jamie Delrey made his porn debut on College Dudes earlier this month bottoming for Jordan Thomas, and now he's back in this brand new scene with Jaden Bentley – but this time he's the top! After the opening interview the two horny college boys get right down to it, stripping whilst they kiss each other. Just like his debut video, Jamie is rock-hard even before his pants come off, and it doesn't take long for Jaden to get a big boner too. Jamie drops to his knees and wraps his lips tightly around that throbbing dick, sucking and slurping on it followed by a good face fucking. He gets a pretty hot blowjob in return from Jaden too. Jaden then bends over the sofa, offering that tight ass up to his horny buddy. Jamie tries to slide his rock-hard dick all the way in, but you can see Jaden's ass is just too tight for that, so he gets a nice rhythm going and eases it in inch by inch. Soon he's fucking that hole nice and fast, and once Jaden moves down to the floor Jamie's stretched that ass enough to pump it balls deep. As Jamie fucks Jaden's tight hole you can see him getting really close to cumming, so he pulls out and just like his debut scene shoots a massive wad of cum! Jet after jet of hot jizz fires out all over Jaden, which then makes him dump his own load over himself too.

I really like Jamie and I hope to see a lot more of him on College Dudes in the near future, bottoming or topping!

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